Makers in Houston

Our thoughts and hopes are with Houston. We work with a couple of incredible makers down there, namely Birch & Goldberry and Bravado Spice. We're thinking of you guys. 

Birch & Goldberry is run by three artists, Hillaree, Stephanie and Elizabeth. They make gorgeous candles, incredible-smelling soaps and our favorite: beautiful hand-painted wrapping paper. Truly, you do not want to rip the gift open, it's that pretty. Super chic, savvy, women-run biz and we love them.

Bravado Spice makes bold hot sauce in Houston. We have their bottles in our fridge, always. So do most of our friends, because we rave about it all the time. They pair fruits like pineapples, blueberries and green apples with a range of peppers to build complex flavor profiles with plenty of heat. We put it on everything.

Thinking of Houston + all its people.

kate myers