Good Clean Screen Wipes

It turns out, we text a lot. So we need screen cleaners. It's legit it's terrifying how many germs are on our phones, iPads, and the laptops - don't even ask. Sprucies screen wipes are my JAM. 

I'm not even that much of a germophobe but it's one of those things where we didn't know it was a problem and now that we know - seriously, your phone, right now = Germ City, USA - we can't stop wiping. But we're not about to tote around the Lysol or something or, like, paper towels and soap up the phone.

These are individually wrapped, adorably, and completely natural. No weird chemicals, aka that sterile smell, just a light fresh scent, no residue. The little-wipes-that-could won a Best Travel Product award in 2015 because honestly, once you start, you're gonna be wiping everything in your life, all the time. Esp when ur traveling.

Also - I just got glasses. And I'm still really bad about wearing them because I'm in denial but I clean them a LOT. So they look good, on the table and in their case. And eventually on my face. 

kate myers