Bowties by Texas

Menswear tale as old as time: it's your father's birthday, or boyfriend's birthday, or brother's birthday. Impossible to shop for, yup. Already has everything, sure. Another bottle of whiskey? Another...tie?

Hell. Yes. 

For sure, this guy already has a bunch of ties. Maybe even some bowties. Let's be clear tho: he does NOT have one of these. Officially, these are Handsome AF. Like, you wear one when u have a very important business meeting in outer space. The look is just next level.

Whatever your style, we're just into it bc these are rad. Texas FTW, because of these 2 facts about the designer:

1. All the materials are organic or recycled fibers. 2. Made in Austin, totally domestically produced so everyone involved in these, top to bottom, is getting paid fairly. 

This is The Gift for dudes. 👔 

kate myers