You Just Crushed a Birthday: HIGH FIVE!

When was the last time you high fived? Was something missing? Was it just that same old, palm on palm, hand slapping hand kind of five? 😕

There is one thing that would make your high five approximately 1 million times better - and it's CONFETTI, blasting out of your hands when you slap. YES, PEOPLE. The Fiesta Five is real and it's our favorite celebration mechanism.

Because it doesn't matter what ur celebrating. Your friend had a baby. Your sister graduated from college. Someone's married. Someone's birthday. A dog's birthday. Your own birthday.

We thought that a high five was the pinnacle of human joy. We were wrong. It's the Fiesta Five. Strap one on + celebrate already. 👋🏼 🎉👋🏼 

kate myers