About that Gift Text

You don't forget your brother's birthday. You know it as well as your own. It's just that you remember that his birthday is happening the day before. Which is too late to send a present, let alone a cool one, and really, even a card is getting there late.

So you call him on his birthday, which is great. But you know what would be even greater? Sending him something.

The birthday is happening. You are thoughtful. You love your brother. You just need a little reminder. 

We get it.

Kelly and I met while working in entertainment. We both lived in New York. We both moved to LA at some point. We moved back to NY. We went back and forth to LA a bunch. In there, there was a lot of space to forget when big things happen, like our sibling's birthdays, friends birthdays, even Mother's Day and Father's Day, and anniversaries, which came and went with boyfriends.

We started Happening so that someone, anyone, would just shoot us a text 2 weeks out and say: Hey, you. This is happening. Heads up. Do the nice thing you always wanna do but don't remember to do in time. 

Be that friend 🎉 

kate myers