Plant Food: Organic, Sustainable Flower Lollipops 💐 + 🍭

This might be the ultimate sustainable food. Amborella Organic Seed Lollipops 🙌🏼 are the treat you eat - then plant. It's a gardener's delight.

Honestly this is the coolest food product I've seen this year. You eat the pop, (the flavors r insane), and then, inside the stick, are seeds. Plant the stick, just as it is, and a flower will grow. 

YES. I know, it's so rad. And SO California, which of course is where they're made. There's Lavender & Lemongrass, Sage & Marshmallow, Rosemary & Mint, Lemon & Thyme, Peach & Marigold, and Vanilla & Hibiscus. Yum, yum, and yum. Also, gorgeous. Love the idea of keeping Spring + Summer going with a little in-house gardening this Fall.

U have to watch the video. These pop are always our #1 example when people ask us, What kind of stuff do u text? They're delicious, beautiful + completely unlike anything I've ever seen before.

And, people text us pics of the flowers they created + that's awesome :)

Watch here:

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Makers in Houston

Our thoughts and hopes are with Houston. We work with a couple of incredible makers down there, namely Birch & Goldberry and Bravado Spice. We're thinking of you guys. 

Birch & Goldberry is run by three artists, Hillaree, Stephanie and Elizabeth. They make gorgeous candles, incredible-smelling soaps and our favorite: beautiful hand-painted wrapping paper. Truly, you do not want to rip the gift open, it's that pretty. Super chic, savvy, women-run biz and we love them.

Bravado Spice makes bold hot sauce in Houston. We have their bottles in our fridge, always. So do most of our friends, because we rave about it all the time. They pair fruits like pineapples, blueberries and green apples with a range of peppers to build complex flavor profiles with plenty of heat. We put it on everything.

Thinking of Houston + all its people.

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Good Clean Screen Wipes

It turns out, we text a lot. So we need screen cleaners. It's legit it's terrifying how many germs are on our phones, iPads, and the laptops - don't even ask. Sprucies screen wipes are my JAM. 

I'm not even that much of a germophobe but it's one of those things where we didn't know it was a problem and now that we know - seriously, your phone, right now = Germ City, USA - we can't stop wiping. But we're not about to tote around the Lysol or something or, like, paper towels and soap up the phone.

These are individually wrapped, adorably, and completely natural. No weird chemicals, aka that sterile smell, just a light fresh scent, no residue. The little-wipes-that-could won a Best Travel Product award in 2015 because honestly, once you start, you're gonna be wiping everything in your life, all the time. Esp when ur traveling.

Also - I just got glasses. And I'm still really bad about wearing them because I'm in denial but I clean them a LOT. So they look good, on the table and in their case. And eventually on my face. 

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Cheers to Cocktail Mixers

Summer means we drink outside. Humidity means we drink light, fruity cocktails. 

Hello, August. Now we're on the final stretch here of trying as many new tiki drink combos as we can get our hands on. Strictly in the name of R&D. Because we loooove 'mixing' up the text.

We're huge fans of Shrub District, a DC fan favorite. We like them so much we co-hosted a summer pop-up party together. Their mixers are made with real fruit and therefore, we count it as a serving of healthy. (Don't correct us). We're talking blueberry basil and strawberry dill, for starters. Super tart, perfect kick. Shrub is an old style of mixers, made with vinegar and a little sugar. Cocktail heaven.

It's kinda a golden era of the cocktail mixer. You've got ur booze and these mixers, Shrub District in DC, Jack Rudy in Charleston, Winship Bitters from Oklahoma City, are our favorite small batch drink additions. Mixologists, rejoice. Drinkers, refill. 

kate myers